Marketing Committee Involvement

  • Chalking

    Chalking is one of the ways that IU Timmy markets our fundraising, donations, and service events to the rest of campus and the Bloomington community. Students use sidewalk chalk to post announcements about upcoming events on the sidewalks of campus.

  • T-Shirt Design

    IU Timmy holds an annual t-shirt design contest to choose the apparel that will be available for purchase during that school year. Students purchase the t-shirts to spread awareness of the Timmy Global Health organization both on and off campus.

  • Tabling

    The Marketing Committee advertises for Timmy fundraising events by tabling across the Bloomington campus. Timmy members set up informational tables or pass out event flyers in the arboretum, by the Woodburn Hall clock, and, occassionally, in classroom buildings. These tabling opportunities help spread awareness about our events and how they help reduce global health disparities.