Fundraising Committee Involvement

  • 3v3 Basketball Tournament

    The Timmy 3v3 Basketball Tournament is held during the spring semester, coinciding with the IU vs. Purdue rivarly game. This fundraising event takes place in the Wildermuth Intramural Center. Teams of three play in a bracket-style tournament, similar to the NCAA's March Madness, and the winning team receives a prize. 

  • Benefit Dinner

    Each spring, our chapter holds the IU Timmy Global Health Benefit Dinner in the Indiana Memorial Union. The Benefit Dinner is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year, where we invite students, as well as their friends and family, to celebrate our accomplishments. Two IU students, chosen to be the Benefit Dinner chairs, give a presentation that summarizes the chapter's successes. This presentation is supplemeneted by videos, a dinner catered by the IMU, time to shop at the Timmy Tienda and silent auction, a raffle, and a closing speech (given by a guest speaker). Items from both local and international businesses, as well as souvenirs brought back from that year's Guatemala brigade, are available for purchase at this auction.

  • Global Dinner

    The Global Dinner is an IU Timmy fundraising event held during the fall semester. This dinner provides an opportunity for students of all backgrounds and ethnicities to come together, discuss global health, and enjoy delicious food. The food is donated from a variety of local restaurants, giving students a taste of Bloomington. Live cultural performances from student organizations (such as Raas Royalty) also take place at the event.

  • Glow Run

    The Glow Run is one of the major fundraising events hosted by IU Timmy. The run itself is approximately one mile long, starting at Dunn Meadow, passing through Showalter Fountain, and ending at the Sample Gates. Before the run, a glow-paint party, accompanied by live music from a DJ, an instructor-led Zumba dance, and various games and activities, takes place. The event is catered by a popular restaurant (e.g. Chipotle, Qdoba, Chick-fil-A), free cover to a Bloomington bar (e.g. Brother's, Kilroy's) is provided to 21+ students, and all students are provided with an event t-shirt. The attendees are informed of Timmy's work to eliminate health disparities through posters and a short presentation. 

  • Tailgate Canning

    Before each IU football home game, Timmy "cans" throughout the tailgate fields. During canning, Timmy students approach various IU fans, advocating for Timmy Global Health's mission and requesting donations to help meet our goals. Tailgate canning typically contributes more to our overall fundraising total than any of our other events.