Community Committee Involvement

  • Global Health Symposium

    The Global Health Symposium is an annual event held in the Indiana Memorial Union. A panel of professors, physicians, and other professionals offer their insights on the chosen topic, utilizing their relevant backgrounds to provide the audience with engaging discussion and debate. Recent subjects for the Global Health Symposium have been, "A Discussion on Mental Health," "A Conversation on Nutrition," and "Environmental Health and Human Health." 

  • G.O.A.L. Program

    Timmy Global Health partners with the IU Health program, Get on Board Active Living (). IU Timmy student volunteers visit Bloomington after-school care programs throughout the spring semester on a weekly basis. Our G.O.A.L. volunteers help teach elementary-aged children the value of diet and exercise. We discuss the MyPlate nutrition plan and lead the children through various games and activites, such as Zumba dancing and tag.

  • Hoosier Hills Food Bank

    Timmy Global Health partners with the local . Twice a week, IU Timmy volunteers repackage food to be redistributed throughout the community. Once the food is packaged, Timmy helps clean the preparation area and store the food for delivery. This food is then delivered to those in need. 

  • Hospital Volunteering Program

    IU Timmy partners with the IU Health Hospital to volunteer in the patient rehabilitation center and read with patients' children. Every Saturday and Sunday, Timmy members give a couple hours of their time to assist recovering patients and interact with children. Students working with the rehabilitation patients create small arts and crafts, play cards, or simply chat about anything the patient likes.